In recent years, the term ‘corporate social responsibility’ has become somewhat a buzz in the corporate world. So, what is corporate social responsibility? Basically, corporate social responsibility is a business’s approach to sustainable development and it also expresses what companies are doing to help out in social and environmental issues. This approach goes beyond focusing on company profits but on what a company is doing to benefit the environment and the community. Every year, more and more companies are embracing the idea of corporate social responsibility because studies have shown that more consumers are basing their perception about a company based on what the company is doing to support the community. Giving to charity, using alternative energy sources and recycling are all forms of corporate social responsibility.

Having a corporate social responsibility program is a great way to enhance a company’s image. Not only will it help to persuade consumers, but it will also help to improve employee engagement, retain investors, attract potential investors or clients, and it will also help with media coverage. Corporate social responsibility should become a part of every company culture. And when properly implemented, it can prove to be very beneficial.

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